Aight so BOOM I’m back from MAUIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! Hawaii was life friends! I saw a lot, ate (and drank) a lot and enjoyed the sunshine and scenery!

Our digs for the stay was provided by AirB&B. We had a cute lil condo in Kihei, which was about 30 minutes south of the Kahului Airport. Just to have a general idea of its location, all the touristy stuff is located on the west part of the island so keep that in mind. We didn’t rent a car, we Ubered around and rode public transit for a short time, it wasn’t bad at all! The condo was spacious and was literally right across from Charlie Young Beach. The host provided everything we needed for the beach and for us to be comfortable, feel free to click the link and check it out!!!!

So now for the food. BITCH THE FOOD! I’m pescatarian so I loved that everything that we ate in Maui was caught fresh! We checked out a place called Paia Fish Market Southside, I snagged a blackened snapper cajun sandwich with a Maui Co. pineapple ale on the side, it was wonderful! 

Another cool spot I found was Maui Bread Company, they make all their breads and treats fresh daily, and they have plenty of gluten-free options too as well as fresh mountain coffee and fresh-squeezed juices. Their employees were really sweet and helpful, and the pina colada pastries were an pretty much an orgasm in my mouth (I’m serious!!!)

Another breakfast spot that tasted great and was pretty affordable was Ami-Ami Cafe, I copped banana foster pancakes drenched in creme brulee sauce and a mimosa for under $20, not too shabby. 

Now as for DRANK, y’all know Hawaii is known for their mai-tais and they did not disappoint. The best mai-tai I had was at a spot called MonkeyPod Kitchen, theirs won “Best Mai-Tai in Maui” EIGHT years in a row. It’s made with honey puree and chile, it was DELISH! They were strong as hell, so I only needed about two to make a playa want to buss it open you know? 

“And the spirit of Hawaii said ‘Bussit open my child'”

Nia, I said that shit, okay?

Another bomb place I tried was Lava Rock Bar & Grill, mai-tai’s were yummy (not as strong, but still flavorful nonetheless, plus the lil flower made it look authentic as fuck) and some lava shrimp, they were cooked to perfection. 

Overall, food isn’t the cheapest on the island overall so keep that in the budget but its worth every penny. Ain’t no point in skimping on food when you on vacay, you can do that “Arby’s Foh4Foh” shit at the house mayne.

Now for activities, we had to hit up the touristy section of the island to ride jetskis. My boyfriend has never rode one before….and it showed :-/ I’m thinking I’m going to ride with him and be all boo’d up and shit and he tips our asses over multiple times, the poor employees and Pacific Jet Skis looked at us like we were pitiful as hell smh. I’ve never fallen off a jetski IN MY LIFE!!! Chile he had to end up riding with me, clearly he needed someone to show him how its done (*pops collar and looks smug*). Also, this is the part where I’m supposed to show you all a pic of said jetskis but we paid the MFs $40 for pics and we checked the SD Card when we got home and IT WAS EMPTY Y’ALL!!! Whew, the scammery!!! I mean…maybe it was a mistake, but shit we broke bread, I needed me some flicks on my Baywatch shit! We did snorkeling at the beach by the rental as well which was a lot of fun too!

Overall, the weather was great, the food was scrumptious and the sunsets were gorgeous and very romantic (I’m a sap these days, what can I say?)

“And the Lord said, Thou shall enjoy nature on you hoes all 2019.”


Feel free to leave any tips you may have for Hawaii in the comments or ask any questions you may have. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend babies!!!!!

3 thoughts on “That MAUI-WOWIE!

  1. Love reading about your travels and seeing you enjoying that life!! Girl….. your scripture!!!😂😂


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