If you’re reading this then that means………..

SURPRISE HOE! You’ve found my new blog!!!!! I know it sounds lame but I’m uber-excited!!!! If you’ve found me on here then there’s a good chance that you know me from IG (@thecouponbandit) or Periscope (BANDITCOUPONS). For the most part, most folks know me for sharing money saving tips and tricks. However, I’ve decided to use blogging for a more personal space to share my stories and day-to-day interactions (Let’s face it, if you know me, you know my life can get weird at times lol). I plan on using this site as an outlet to share things about myself that I tend to not focus on within the social media realm, so I promise it will be fun, fresh and entertaining!

I think its only appropriate that I start this thang off on Cinco De Mayo, everyone knows I love a good drink! And sure, you can do tequila but sometimes you need something that’s gonna get in your soul and make you serenade people at the bar to the tunes of Enrique Inglesias while showing slight boob cleavage to get extra shots from the waiter. So when you still want a lil tequila but you need a lil BANG with it you get…..HENNESSY MARGARITAS!!!!!!! (*insert the fast-paced hand clap that your friends do when you squat down right before you start twerking, you know the one*). I’m drinking out of a “#1 Dad” cup because I wasn’t put on this Erf to being doing dishes on Sunday, mkay? Click the link below for a lil visual of what I got going on…….

This recipe is super quick and easy!

  • 3 shots tequila
  • 2 shots triple sec
  • 3 shots margarita mix syrup
  • 3 cups ice cubes
  • 4 shots Hennessy

Take alla this, throw it in a blender, WATCH IT SPIN AROUND INTO A BEAUTIFUL OBLIVIONNNNNNNNN! (Name that 90s rock tune, can you?) This lil recipe makes about 5 servings, so its PERFECT for pregaming!

Y’all try this out and let me know what you think my babies! Enjoy your day!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “If you’re reading this then that means………..

  1. Aweeee Shit!! I’m here for it!! I know I’m bout to be happy, sad, mad, etc etc and like I said before..I AM HERE FOR IT!!! Congratulations!!!


  2. Now if I try this drink and can’t get up for work tomorrow. I’m coming back here and leaving a whole ass comment. Lol. Congrats on your blog boo!! You about to BLOW UP BOAAWWWW


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